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The Embrace! A Path Towards Alignment and Abundance...It's time to fly high!

In a world that often prioritizes growth, profit, and consumption, there is an emerging creation that is here to shift our economic paradigms. What is it really about, Jennie? What is New Earth Economy? Could it be a New Earth that we have been manifesting since childhood? Well, sit down, have a hot tea in hand and read my heart. Are you ready?

Talk about restoring balance, a true harmonization in all our relationships with one another and with nature. I am so excited about this creation, can you tell? What about our social well-being, could this new economic paradigm that we are creating be assisting in all this greatness? Talk about a true, authentic prioritization with sacredness of all things. Do I have your attention?

If you haven't met me, you may find my shine a little straight forward with a dash of sparkling glitter! Seriously, I will give you a jaw drop here and there. Don't hate me, lol.  Another characteristic trait you will learn about me is this...I LOVE TO DIG DEEP with a big fat K.I.S.S.! Ok, Ok, I will spell it out... Keep It Super Simple! With that being said, let's explore the nature of the sacredness found within NEW EARTH ECONOMY and its potential to reshape our world. It's a childhood dream of mine, a project that keeps my soul on fire!! 

 The concept of the New Earth Economy creation goes far beyond the traditional understanding of economics and New Earth embodiment talk.  With my observation living on this planet, it has locked in a knowing deep within me that the Earth is a living entity and that all aspects of life are interconnected....YES, IT'S ALL ONE! You and me, all of us.  It encourages my cooperation, sustainability, community crave, and a deep respect for the planet and its breathing and living resources.  There is so much to be grateful for! New Earth Economy embraces the principles of abundance, reciprocity, with reverence, acknowledging that our true wealth lies in the well-being of all beings, both human and non-human. I like to call it, "Gift Giving".  

Not everyone is nice, wouldn't you agree? Good news is, I am a great person building a dream for a more loving world experience.  Here is a great aspect of New Earth Economy.  We, as a community place human well-being at its core, prioritizing the health and happiness of individuals, families, and communities alike.  Looking back at my life, I didn't have this opportunity to experience and it impacted my choices growing up in life.  When I was young I would draw pictures of a lighthouse where all people can dwell happy and loved.  Why not build it, now?  What do I have to loose?  It encourages me to move myself past the obsession with material possessions and focus wholeheartedly on a more balanced and fulfilling existence.  It wasn't an journey, however, it blessed me with a new experience that brings joy to my heart.  

We did it!! Some beautiful ladies and I gathered and we created like children, fearlessly.  We created a circular and regenerative system to abundantly bless those that join us, as well as create a new breed of conscious investors that will give back to the world.   I remind myself everyday with a blessing of words, "May our community participants embody leadership in their execution in all ethical choices and mindful consumptions".   It is so important to the collective whole when we practice mindfulness.  With our New Earth Economy hands on experience, we collectively will learn a new way, a more mindful way impacting our lifecycles as a souls mastering the human experiences.

New Earth Economy holds so much potential in its own transformative growth.  As it ripples and reflects, I know it requires both individual and collective action. Yes, I am learning each and every day by this requirement. We look forward to educating the masses, as well as bringing awareness of its existence. It's all about our voices and chosen spoken words about this new creation...NEW EARTH ECONOMY.  

Please look us up, we are just getting started. Come and engage in conversations, attend and assist in organized workshops, and collaborate with like-minded individuals to ensure success. What does your heart feel? 

By working together, we can create a resilient and self-sufficient network that prioritize human well-being and environmental sustainability. Again, come help in the supporting and focused efforts on transforming our economic systems and move it towards a more loving experience and world.  A created income possibility that is divine.

I love you so much!!! Thank you for reading my expressed heart. 


Jennie O'Boyle

Published: 10/16/2023

Published On: October 16th,2023

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The old life is gone, new life has begun. I love sharing the ALL of me. 

Have I told you lately that I love you?

With❤️from Jennie

You are the luckiest and blessed human in the entire world, wealth, prosperity and good health showers upon you, giving you freedom to share the unknown with the world!

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