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A Sign, Camellias Everywhere! Yes, and More, Please. 

On my stay in Lisagoan, Kingscourt, Ireland, I was invited to go pick rhubarb in a garden. I stumbled upon a magnificent sight - a garden adorned with vibrant Camellia flowers. This caught me off guard, as if an unexpected encounter triggered a flood of childhood memories, as I recalled my mother's doodles on paper, often featuring the delicate and intricate design of a Camellia flower.  I have never seen one before. So many things were happening to me in Lisagoan, I still till this day, can't put the puzzle pieces together. So many signs of love, I feel the universe may have mistaken me as someone else. Little did I know then that this flower would become a metaphorical representation of the deep longings and desires of my heart.

The Camellia flower, with its profound symbolism of love, devotion, adoration, and care, perfectly encapsulated everything I had yearned for since my very existence on this planet. What a life I have had up until that moment I was surrounded by so many Camellias. My entire life was summed up in that moment as a beautiful life lived. I have to say, beyond its outward beauty, my curiosity had me researching all about them. From what I collected on my mini google.com research, the Camellia flower holds a profound significance when it comes to matters of the heart. 

Of course they do!!!

My entire trip was a significant matter of the heart. It also serves as a symbol of romantic love, embodying the very essence of affection and tenderness that we all seek in our relationships. Could it be that I have completed the healing of my past and all my soul work is paying off? It sure the heck was feeling that way in that exact moment looking at all the different shades of colors.  

In China, this flower holds great cultural importance, representing the deep connection and balance between two lovers. The delicate petals of the Camellia symbolize the woman, while the protective calyx, the green leafy part, represents the man. It is a dance of the masculine and feminine energies, an exquisite interplay that showcases the harmonious union between two souls. I have to say, this sure had my entire heart connected to what was around me at that moment. All I could see was my mother doodling on paper the Camellia flower. 

Sometimes I wonder if anyone sees signs like I do, it's a recognized depth of meaning carried within the simple things, just like the Camellia flower. 

To some, it may be nothing more than a beautiful blossom and color. But for those who pause to truly see, can see the gift the universe is giving you. Either it be a confirmation that I have become whole with the magic of Ireland or my life partner was in front of me. 

I love the awes and wonders of life...all I know is that the world is filled with hidden wonders, waiting to be discovered. From the grandest mountains to the tiniest flowers, every sign holds a secret message for those willing to embrace curiosity and look beyond the surface.

I love you!

Jennie O'Boyle

Published: 10/30/2023

Published On: October 30th,2023

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