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All About N.E.E.

To my Irish Ancestors and the bravery to leave behind all comforts, I too forged in the unknown.

To partake in a future unwritten takes guts to forge into it. Is this my new adventure in my own "Eat Pray Love" experience? I am not sure, but what I do know is that comfort keeps us from creating massive excitement in our lives. We all are made ready, well all have a hidden purpose within, awaiting its turn so show itself.  As I take flight into the unknown, you can watch or join in the fun! So many wonders to share with you, I look forward to it. 

I start with this... ATTRAVERSIAMO!

Let's get to know each other...

I recently visited Ireland this past summer. I was sharing my joys in my new life and new creation called New Earth Economy with an amazing wise man. He told me, "As long as it may contain you, my dear." That has stuck with me, giving me more fire in my soul, then ever before. It must contain me, light me up, as well as hold it for all my existence. 

I come from a long line of powerful ancestors, not only did they lead rebellion to save people, they took on darkness to ensure my existence.  I have something to bring to this world and share what it takes to bring it. 

It's all in quest my darlings, it is full of rules and laws that we all must be mindful of.  I am not above or below any one thing on this planet, but I sure do respect the divine design. 1st, most important rule is BE 100% READY as you dive all in to a new way of being sovereign.  2nd rule, you have to leave behind all your comforts! Truth be shared, IT WAS SCARY, yet so rewarding! 

There is so much more -->Attraversiamo --> "Let's cross Over"

More about me

My Journey In Shared Words

I'm a Co-creator of New Earth Economy, a chosen family that blesses each other with a new abundant life.  Here is my journey, thank you for being my witness:

The Embrace! A Path Towards Alignment and Abundance...It's time to fly high!

 The concept of my creation goes far beyond the traditional understanding of economics and New Earth's evolution. I like to keep things very simple. With my observation living on this planet has locked in a knowing that the Earth is a living entity and that all aspects of life are interconnected....YES, IT'S ALL ONE! 

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Come Experience New Earth Economy

The greatness of N.E.E. community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members, it's all in the gift to ourselves and to the children. We are the lighthouse where all dwell, shifting and changing the future one gift at a time 

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Goodbye Old World, Goodbye Old Me!

This is extra special to me.  The embrace of my old world as I said goodbye.  It's all in the spoken words, deeds, and love of self.  I grew wings and took flight. 

Please click on link for more of my creations and the community's voices.  Please follow us with a subscribe and support our shared voices in voids.  Everyone deserves to be heard, to speak, to be and to create.   Thank you for being a huge supporter of my childlike play on this planet. 

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This group was created with the goal of welcoming people who genuinely wish to share authentic and supportive relationships as well as opening their lives up to abundant creations. Superficiality is no longer a desire in our new reality, therefore, we show up as REAL RAW HUMANS with a readiness for AUTHENTIC CONNECTION! It's time to live life without a disguise.  As New Paradigm Shifters, we are freedom consciousness, embodying love, unity, and collaborative wealth!!  Let's Go New Earth Economy!!! 

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As we step out on the stage of life, we say Thank You for your support on being our witness! Everything you see is part me in the I AM GREATER CREATION.  I am grateful for your like and follow. I am so grateful!

It's all in my expression of heart!

The hidden keys are found in the expression of heart. 

Don't Live Average, Don't Eat Average

A question I asked myself, was my gift going to be a benefit when I pass it along to another? Either it is food, clothing, movie, or giving it away to a person. Will it be a benefit to our society? Am I supporting a great cause with my choice?

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The Embrace!

 The concept of my creation goes far beyond the traditional understanding of economics and New Earth's evolution. I like to keep things very simple.

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Let It Rain

When you set out on a journey to creating your best life, you are in full alignment and ready to take on the creation of it. When this happens, an opportunity will present itself. 

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May this affirmation empower you as you step into your new state of being.

Feel free to repeat it daily or modify it to align with your personal intentions and desires. Remember, you are the creator of your reality, and your thoughts and beliefs have the power to manifest your highest timeline experience.

With❤️from Jennie

"I am crossing over into a new state of being, embracing my sovereignty, interconnectedness, and unlimited potential. I am aligned with the abundant flow of the universe, attracting wealth and prosperity effortlessly into my life. I release all limitations and step into the freedom that comes from knowing my true power. I am a co-creator of the New Earth, where love, harmony, and abundance reign supreme. I embrace my role in shaping a world filled with joy, peace, and unity. Every step I take is a step towards embodying my highest potential. I radiate love, compassion, and gratitude, connecting deeply with all beings. I am a magnet for positive opportunities and transformative experiences. The universe supports my journey towards a new reality, filled with boundless abundance and infinite possibilities. I embrace my divine purpose and joyously contribute to the collective evolution. I am a sovereign being of light, flourishing in the beauty and power of the New Earth. And so it is." 

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