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Let it rain

When you set out on a journey to creating your best life, you are in full alignment and ready to take on the creation of it. When this happens, an opportunity will present itself. It will be like this gate blocking the view of the other side. Only one entrance that needs a Yes or No, followed by an action of opening it and closing it behind you.  All you can do is FEEL what is on the other side and make a decision knowing that once the door closes after you walk through it, it locks, giving you no return. You see, a yes is yes, an always moving forward choice. 

OUR YES is to be honored at all times, no matter the challenges that arise. Either it be a relationship, business partnership, or a simple run in the morning. When creating our best life, challenges will see us through and take us to new heights- It is where our strength comes from, we are weak without it.

I said yes to an hour of a run as a big THANK YOU to my physical form. Loving myself helps me stay balanced in life, to stay grounded a truth discovered in my days of not loving myself. There is a beautiful trail nearby my home in Yorba Linda, California. A trail that was calling my name. It was a beautiful path lined with many fruit trees, horses, flowers, and singing birds. After 20 minutes, I wanted to end my run and go back home. I was tired and out of breath. I came up to this gate and a brick wall. It was out of the ordinary. It made me want to stop and look beyond the gate, as if it was saying to me, “if you say yes for entry, you are saying yes to the unknown beyond this gate.”

It reminded me of my big fat yes to living my best life…fearlessly .

After taking the picture to share this mini-lesson with you, it started to rain, and it wasn't a drizzle. It poured down down on me as if god was testing me. I started laughing because I was being shown how easy it can be to give up on my yes. Most would turn around and go back home, not honoring their yes, due to a challenge. I kept running forward and feeling more determined than ever, NOT TODAY GOD! Not today!

Rain, really? This experience was only temporary, as to all things in life, so I pushed through and honored my yes. The sun would eventually shine, so I focused on the joys of the journey, in which it was the trail. Birds were singing, horses playing and getting wet, and many fruit trees getting fed by the rain. They were joyful in it, as should I.

Even though I was soaked and cold, I refused to give up on myself and my yes to running a full hour. How else can I practice for what is coming into my life. Spirit guides me, tells me to prepare. PREPARE FOR WHAT??

I end with…Never give up on your “YES” no matter how hard it rains, and always remember why you said yes in the first place. YOUR NEW BEST LIFE IS BEING CREATED right now as each choice is made. Will it be a repeat with new faces or a entirely new life with new faces? It is up to us, isn't it? Push though the unknown, my darlings and all its presented challenges!!

Enjoy the journey!


Jennie O'Boyle

Published: 3/15/2021

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Have I told you lately that I love you?

With❤️from Jennie

You are the luckiest and blessed human in the entire world, wealth, prosperity and good health showers upon you, giving you freedom to share the unknown with the world!

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