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All About N.E.E.

My past must stay in the past, a collection series of events that no longer exist, yet part of my making.

Hey there, I'm Jennie! Welcome to my page, where we can journey into the depths of our souls together. I'm genuinely grateful for your presence and the unique light you bring, I bet you did a lot of work to exude this new vibe? Congratulations.

Here is a cool truth...you would not be reading this if you were not ready for this stage. Be proud of yourself and enjoy getting to learn a little more about my existence. 

Let's dive right in - time is too precious to waste. As a guiding light, I'm dedicated to supporting those who are ready to transcend the limitations imposed by existing structures and systems. The I AM AWAKENED and I REMEMBER kind of soul claims. While these frameworks served their purposes, a collective awakening calls us to embrace our individual energy states. Many speak about being evolved, I am the experience to ensure it goes beyond the spoken words. I find immense joy in empowering humanity to live in their own power. Is this you? Are you ready to live in your own power?

Sovereignty holds the key to unlocking our true potential. When we reclaim our individuality, free from external influences and societal conditioning, we tap into the wellspring of wisdom and creativity within. It is through sovereignty that we become architects of our own destinies, shaping the world around us according to our new inner world creation and vision. 

Within this journey towards sovereignty, I am deeply committed to the creation of the New Earth Economy. This emerging paradigm invites us to reimagine and redesign the systems and structures that govern our lives. It births an economy rooted in abundance, cooperation, and harmony - a place where the wellbeing of all beings and the planet itself is nurtured and celebrated.  Interconnectedness beingness is a passion to restore. It's the authentic love that we all will eventually embrace and embody. By embracing the principles of the New Earth Economy, we discover new pathways to sovereignty. It's a new collective movement! It empowers us to recognize the interconnectedness of all things, understanding that our choices and actions reverberate beyond ourselves.

With this profound awareness, we cultivate innovation, collaboration, and sustainable abundance while honoring the sovereignty of each individual. 

If you're seeking guidance and ready to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, sovereignty, and the exploration of the New Earth Economy, you've arrived at the perfect destination. I've got you!! Together, let's expand our horizons, embrace the extraordinary power of our sovereignty, and co-create a world where love, abundance, and harmony define our reality. The past no longer exist! It's gone. Let's create something new, together. 

I'm so excited to have you join me on this profound and beautiful journey. 

Here is my published book mini-clip. The inner bears are real...so real. 

My mission is to motivate individuals to be their truest authentic selves. Truth be told, I had to be that for me, first.

To embark on a path set apart for purpose is to journey on a road that can feel lonely at times. It's a road filled with connections, faith, and the willingness to give our all.

When my children left home, I found myself entering a new stage of life, driven by a higher purpose. My mission was clear - to radiate the vibration of love into the world, offering the potential for transformative experiences. Throughout my entire life, I've been learning about the main purpose that unites us all on this planet: love, both giving and receiving. But let me tell you, it's not always an easy journey to embrace.

You and I are here to experience love in all its dimensions. Love encompasses a multitude of levels, layers, opposites, and reflections, constantly evolving in every moment. It is up to us to learn from these diverse manifestations until we can truly embody authentic love as a sovereign being, creating our own Heaven on Earth experience. Besides, how much longer do you need to be told what to do?

That's where the New Earth Economy comes into play, a collective effort involving countless souls who recognize the power of unity and togetherness. It is through the collective energy of love that we can transform our existence. 

Yes, I've encountered my fair share of challenges along this path - facing fears that seemed as daunting as bears. Yet, I'm still standing tall, shining brighter than ever, I did have to mature in soul to experience such beauty! 

You see, the New Earth Economy is the creation that emerges from the depths of the underworld. It represents the opposite of what was, a transformative and joyous experience of heaven on earth. 

At one point, I believed I had to earn a new life, a life free from pain. But I soon realized the truth – to manifest the life I desired, I needed to embody that desired experience through my actions and courageous steps on life's stage. Inner-Standing was everything! It is living in the frequencies of wholeness, a self empowered inward journey to lock in the outward expansion of new creation. 

The key to shifting our experiences and transforming our world lies within ourselves and the choices we make.

But enough about me; let's focus on you. What do you choose for your new life story? How will you become the author of your own narrative? I invite you to visit the New Earth Economy and truly immerse yourself in its essence. 

You are ready!! Let go of your fears and start rewriting your life with love and connection among beautiful and nurturing souls. Remember, there is nothing to lose when giving a gift by taking care of  each other once and for all.  It  is all in the exploration of newness, the creation of abundance, and the boundless power of love.

I eagerly look forward to meeting you and hearing your story and the reason behind it.

With heartfelt love, Jennie O'Boyle

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